Notre Dame’s Ultimate Test Comes On Saturday Versus Oklahoma


By Eduardo Maisonet, III / @edthesportsfan

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are 7-0 this season. They’ve defeated three ranked teams thus far on their journey. They’ve given up just 9.4 points/game this year on defense, while offensively they’ve found ways to be authoritative and efficient while running up the score on lesser foes. Head coach Brian Kelly has molded this team in his image, and the Fighting Irish fans haven’t been this happy since Brady Quinn was the quarterback. Life is good in South Bend.

And yet, I don’t believe in this football team one bit, not at all.

Its not that I don’t believe they’re a good football team. 7-0 is 7-0. Its just that I don’t believe that No. 5 ranking they’ve achieved in the BCS standings. I don’t believe that this team, from what I’ve seen, should be considered as a national championship contender just yet. Their resume screams fraudulence and weakness for a variety of reasons.

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